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Fibreglass roofing

GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic which is the technical name for the commonly known material Fibreglass. Fibreglass is a mixture of polyester resin and glass reinforcement. This is then cured and given an additional coat of coloured resin, known as the topcoat. The topcoat is added to enhance appearance and performance.

A fibreglass roof consists of three layers.

  1. Conditioned plywood or Sterling Board OSB3.

  2. Fibreglass known as laminate.

  3. Topcoat.

This is the only fully bonded system available, others are nailed or laid onto the roof. A fibreglass roof cannot be cut with a knife, making it much more secure than other systems.

Fibreglass is renowned for its strength, appearance, weather resistance ability and longevity making it the best choice for roofing. It is maintenance-free, requires no painting and can be refurbished if you ever want to change the colour.

A fibreglass roof lasts for at least 20 years and many, more than 30 years. A fibreglass roof is a continuous membrane meaning it has no joins, welds or seams, unlike felt roofs or modern membrane systems which are potential points of failure. It replaces lead and holds no value to thieves.

We have qualified engineers with years of experience available to fit. Please call for a free no pressure quote today.

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